Rock Island County Soil and Water Conservation District



Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Director John J. Kim announced Rock Island Soil and Water Conservation District will receive just over $180,000 in grant funding to provide technical and financial assistance to rural landowners to voluntarily implement the locally developed Copperas Creek Watershed Plan. “This project will help landowners implement best management practices (BMPs) in the Copperas Creek Watershed, a tributary of the Mississippi River, to reduce nonpoint source pollution, soil erosion, and nutrient and sediment loading, in order to improve overall water quality,” Director Kim said. “This watershed is identified by Illinois EPA as a priority watershed for nonpoint source implementation activities this year.”

In addition to BMPs, the Copperas Creek Watershed Plan includes a public education program with the implementation of a nutrient management forum, signage, a BMP tour, newsletters, and a forestry management workshop. The overall outcome of the project is expected to reduce pollutant loadings of approximately 360 tons of sediment, 413 pounds of phosphorus, and 795 pounds of nitrogen annually.

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